ODS enables service providers to offer full suite of infrastructure service offerings to end customers. It provides a self-service portal where virtual machines, network policies, storage and services are provisioned from a pool of assigned resources using predefined policies.

On demand storage platform (ODSP):

On Demand Systems enables service providers to extend their services and add new revenue stream by offering cloud storage to their customers. On Demand Systems ready to implement solution permits organisations to offer storage to their customers in weeks rather than months. (Read more...)

The platform comes with ready APIs and client tools, which can be branded as required. The client tools are supported for all major platforms including mobile.

Self-service management reduces administrative burden and infrastructure management costs for service providers. The IAAS service users can provision and deploy VMs and storage in a matter of minutes with self-service capabilities. The IAAS service users are able to rapidly deploy or scale-down simple or complex environments or projects using OCSP’s self-service capabilities. Some of the features of OCSP are listed below.

  • Self-service Cloud portal
  • Role based policy management
  • Multi-tenant solution
  • Policy based provisioning
  • Real-time operational reporting
  • Events, alarms and alerts
  • Monitoring
  • Metering

OnDemand Storage Platform (ODSP)

On demand cloud platform (ODCP):

ODS Cloud platform provides a self-service portal, service catalog and service lifecycle, metering and resources management solution for cloud computing. (Read more...)

OCP enables service provider and enterprises to implement Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) as on-premise or off-premise, private or public cloud services. OCP comes ready with provisioning engine and cloud stack.

OnDemand Cloud Platform (ODCP)